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  Every day each and every one of us wakes up to a fundamental problem. People are suffering. Why do people suffer? How do we solve the problem of our suffering and be happy? This website exists to help us answer these questions - not just for ourselves, but for all sentient beings.

The Buddha dealt with this problem a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away. The problems in our world seem very complex, and some of them are - but the fundamental reason for their existence and the solution to them is in essence quite simple. The Buddha actually already discovered the solution, and implemented it - however the solution has not fully taken effect yet since he cannot fully implement it by himself. This website is part of that solution, and how long it takes for the solution to take full effect is entirely up to us. After all, the four noble truths of Buddhism tell us very clearly that not only is life full of suffering, but that suffering is caused by our attachments and desires. Attachments and desires may not be easy to control, but that does not mean it is impossible. If suffering is caused by our attachments and desires, if we are able to train ourselves to control them, we become in control of whether or not we suffer.

To become a member of this website, you don't need to convert to Buddhism, or believe in any religion of any sort. Most of the training and ideas discussed on this website stem from Buddhism, but the goal of this website is not about promoting any specific religion. It's about helping people - all people - liberate themselves from the seemingly endless cycle of suffering. First we must train ourselves, and then we must learn to be a guide for others when they are ready for guidance.


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