The Human Trafficking Open Source Project


Welcome to The Human Trafficking Open Source Project (HTOSP)

Human trafficking is one of the most serious violations of human rights in our modern history. It is considered by most scholars as a modern form of slavery. Millions of children, women and men are trafficked every year for purposes of prostitution, forced labor or other forms of exploitations. The crime is normally managed by organized crime circles operating in a large number of cities around the world imposing real challenge to the detection and investigation of the crime.

The idea of The Human Trafficking Open Source Project (HTOSP) is drawn from three observations:

1- Human trafficking has been aggravated by the advancement of technology. The victims owe the technology an apology through similar advancements that would help reduce their suffering, the likelihood of being trafficked and bring the offenders into justice.

2- The marvelous work of Non-Government Organizations in combating human trafficking is acknowledged by the international community. We can argue that the impact that NGOs had on rescuing the lives of trafficked victims is analogous in magnitude to that achieved by law enforcement.

3- The computer tools used by law enforcements and prosecutors are complex, expensive and mostly trade-secret.

The HTOSP is a community-based platform for programmers, researchers and activists to share ideas and develop open source tools to empower those working for the cause of combating human trafficking.