The Human Trafficking Open Source Project

Join Us

There are various ways that you can engage or support HTOSP.

Programmers: If you are a professional programmer who has the time and energy to participate in developing one of our open projects, then we definitely need your expertise.

Students: Why not do a project that will give you credits for your college study and at the same time contribute to a good cause? Many students struggle to find a project topic for some of the courses they take. You can either contact us telling us about your experience and skills and we can match it with one of our pending tasks. Or you can simply have a look at one of our open projects and contact us expressing your interest to work on it.

Educators: If you are an educator in the area of computer science or information technology then you could direct your students to our website to choose their course projects. You can also simply point them to our website to as an educational tool demonstrating how technology can be two edged sword.

Researchers: You are invited to share with us your ideas, assessment of developed tools or propose a new project.

Donors: The HTOSP operates on small donations. These are used mainly to pay for student help hours, software tools and website maintenance.